What is Composting?

The green revolution has begin all over the world. People are waking up to realize the importance of taking better care of the earth and themselves. This revolution has spread into the foods we eat, people want better options and organic foods. It has spread into the healthy lifestyles and the yoga movement. All over the world, people want to treat the earth and their bodies better.

Composting is a way for these people to take better care of themselves and the earth at the same time. They can take care of the earth through composting because it is like recycling the earths materials back into itself. And composting is a better way to take care of themselves because it will help them to grow better foods that have the needed nutrients from the soil to produce better and more organic food that they eat. This movement is big and composting is at the center of it all.

What is composting?

Composting is nature’s process of recycling decomposed organic materials into a rich soil known as compost. The important thing to remember is that compost is a process in which organic materials go through a process of breaking down into a different substance. This process is known as composting and it has many benefits to the world of agriculture, health, and even landscaping.

The composting process takes between 5 and 6 months to complete. The amazing thing is that it is not a labor intensive process, but one that happens naturally with the assistance of nature. The breakdown process is completed absent of human intervention, even though there are way to interject knowledge and technology into the process. You can turn the pile over once every so many weeks if you like to accelerate the process, but it isn’t necessary at all.

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