What Do You Need to Compost?

Composting is not very hard to do at all. You just need five basic things in order to create all the compost material you need to enhance your garden, farm, or even plant life around your home. Let’s talk about these things you need now.

1) Desire – The bottom line with anything in life is desire. If you want to do something bad enough, then you will find the resources, knowledge, and skills to make it happen. Composting is no different.

Although composting is not a very difficult process to complete, it does take some will power to make it happen. As with anything in life, there are going to be some set backs, some items that you over look, and some small fires that you have to put out. Just hang in there and know that nothing about this process is difficult, you just have to do it.

2) Compost Bin (Area) – A compost bin is a structured area that you will use to contain your compost. Thi structure could be made of wood, wire, or any materials you use. It is totally up to you. The truth is you don’t even need a bin. All you really need is an area to pile your raw materials for the composting. It is widely suggested that you don’t pile your materials on concrete, plastic, or anything else that doesn’t allow the materials to touch the dirt. The dirt is important because as the materials breakdown, worms will migrate into the compost and further assist with the process…and you don’t even have to ask them to participate. They will do it on their own.

3) Green Materials – Grass clippings and food scraps are great sources of green materials. These are critical to a composting process because they provide the nitrogen necessary to accelerate the breakdown of your composting materials. It is not difficult to find these materials as you have to cut your lawn each week and you have neighbors who do the same and would be willing to share their grass clippings with you anytime. It is great because none of these materials cost you any real money, yet create all the compostable material that you will need.

4) Brown Materials – Brown materials come from leaves, straw, and paper sources amongst many others. The chief element these materials bring to the compost is carbon. This again is very important to the composting process, but again, not very difficult to gather. In the fall, the leaves are plentiful as they magically fall from the trees and end up in your yard anyway. Like with the grass, you can always ask your neighbors to assist you by providing their leaves for your composting project. And again, you shouldn’t receive much resistance from them in this request.

5) Time – Yes, it does take time to gather and construct your composting undertaking. But the process also takes time as well. Mother nature needs 5 to 6 months in order to properly breakdown the raw materials to effectively turn them into usable compost. During this time, you will have to turn or mix the compost as well on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Again, this is leaning on your desire to complete the task as it does require some level of follow up and follow through.

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