It’s Fall: What To Do With All Those Leaves?

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The leaves begin showing their beautifully colors. I love to be outside when the wind is blowing slightly, all the beautiful colors are everywhere, and the excitement of winter is upon us. It is great.

One concern as a homeowner is when the leaves begin to fall, there can be so many. I live on a lot that has an abundance of mature trees with large leaves on them that litter our yard year and year. This is not the end of the world as my children love to pile them up in the back yard and jump in them. The raking gets old sometimes, but it is nice to be outside during that time of year.

A solution to just raking the leaves and throwing them away is to compost them. Leaves are an excellent composting source and during the fall season, they are abundant. If you don’t have a lot that has many trees and leaves, you shouldn’t have any problems getting your neighbors to give you their leaves. In fact, many will be more than willing to give them to you as it is one less thing that they have to do.

If you start your composting in the fall, by the time the spring rolls around you will have a wonderful stock pile of compost ready to add to your garden and plants. Compost that not only is a great fertilizer, but also was free and didn’t cost you anything but a little time and effort to gather some leaves, grass clippings, and food scraps. Just in case you are thinking it, yes, you can compost just your leaves, but it will take a little longer than normal for them to break down than if you combined it with something like grass clippings and food scraps.

Below, I have included an excellent video to build on this concept of utilizing the leaves from the fall for your composting needs. Enjoy!

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